We join the... "From BOSL With Love Hunt"

Created especially for the month of February, this hunt is offers you gifts for 1L each, only on the BOSL malls, all month long, from the 1st to 28th.

You need to be member of THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers group to receive your hunt gifts.   (secondlife:///app/group/aeb9e510-3e8d-ae5f-90b1-b491109d7590/about)

You can follow all the news about the hunt on the blog Including photos of the hunt items, hints and links to each store.  Click the link below.


Flagship Store at Mirandirge

Alexandra Sautereau Collection Utility at Mirandirge

This is my home store
Always changing decor and facade with the seasons and my moods - come check it out!

Most of my designs are in this store or on the Second Life Marketplace
If you have questions about my products please send a notecard or email.

Have you visited...?

Alexandra Sautereau Collection at Couture Boulevard 
The Best of Second Life Sim

This boutique showcases my newest releases 
Art Deco inspired decor, beautiful, elegant, and fashionista fab!

Come check out the BOSL Hunt... Info Coming soon!

The Veruschka Bag - New York City Exclusive

A pop of color for your ensemble or maybe something in black?

The Veruschka Bag is available in New York City

The Sciame Bag - My Very First "OMNIBAG"

Men's accessories are coming up huge in Second Life,
and I have plans to bring a selection of non-gender specific bags to my line. 
I'm so excited to present to you my first "OMNIBAG"
This is the first bag I've created that is not gender specific.
Available in Large and Small
(Yes you can quote me I said "OMNIBAG") "OMNI" - because it's great for everybody!

Soon, I'll add a few shots of my friend Blaine wearing it - this bag is OM-NI-Fab-u-Tastic!

Alexandra Sautereau Collection New York City


Alexandra Sautereau Collection - New York City

Alexandra Sautereau Collection in New York City
On Fifth Avenue Baby!!!

This boutique features exclusive versions of classics and selections of my favorite new styles


New Store, New Vision - The New York City Exclusives

On the occasion of  the Grand Opening of my newest boutique January 14th on New York City Sim
presented are exclusive patterns of my designs
only available at Alexandra Sautereau Collection in New York City.

Phangoria in Rho
Lourdes Bag in Montreaux
Lourdes Bag in Pisa
Lourdes Bag in Celebutante

Alexandra Sautereau Collection New York City