Alexandra Sautereau Collection Brings Decades of Fashion Style to Fashion's Story Fair 2014

I really enjoy doing period pieces!
Come check out my 60's and 70's inspired designs created exclusively for this fabulous fair.

Bloggers Day - October 18th
Opens October 19th 4pm SLT - Closes October 29

Watch this blog for location links.


Alexandra Sautereau Collection | Bespoke ~ New Clothing: Capsule Collection Men + Women

Clothing Collection now under development. 
Will be sold under the label:

Alexandra Sautereau Collection 

Five pieces per collection. 100% Mesh clothing.

Modern, clean lines, great fit, elegant fashion, well priced.


Alexandra Sautereau Collection - CHAMELEON to debut at Fashion For Life Wanderlust

New Color Change/Tint HUD for Chameleon ENABLED Bags!

I'm so excited to bring this new option to my handbag collection.
The New HUD option offers more interactive functionality 
with color options YOU choose! 

The HUD is an add-on item for use 
only with Chameleon ENABELED Bags
Chameleon HUD Sold Separately

(8 Standard Colors on base item without HUD)

The Luxor Bag in Chameleon - 4 Panel Color Change


Feelin' Lucky? Go to BOSL!

BOSL Sim offers special items (With a Green Theme) for the Month of March

The Shannon Boot in Eire
Only available at Alexandra Sautereau Collection - BOSL


Fashion Pride - The EXCLUSIVES.....

Items for the Second Pride expo....

Each item is priced to SELL... come check it out.

landmark soon....


Premiering at Fashion Pride --- The Monaco Chain Mini Bag --- Be one of the FIRST!

This was such a fun bag to create. Yes! The prim chain is laced with leather. This Monaco Chain Mini Bag is presented in the limited edition color combination "Cerise", which will not be available on Marketplace or in any Alexandra Sautereau Collection boutique.

The Monaco Chain Mini Bag will be offered specially priced to sell with 100% of all proceeds donated to Fashion Pride.

Each item from Alexandra Sautereau Collection will be offered in a limited edition color at unbelievable prices. 100% of all proceeds from each item offered at the Alexandra Sautereau Collection booth go to Fashion Pride.

The Monaco Chain Mini Bag will be available on marketplace and in store at regular price in other color combinations after Fashion Pride closes.

This bag is on display in the Mirandirge flagship store so you can see it in all its gorgeousness!

Come check it out wise fashionistas! Then be one of the first, and get yours at Fashion Pride!